Healing Crystals: True or False?

For years healing crystals have always been popular and for many, a source of great spirituality and comfort. Despite our advances in medicine and science, healing crystals still remain a trusted and popular remedy to physical and mental illness to many people. People still rely on them as an energy source as well as to cure any bad emotion. But why?

Why choose healing crystals over proper medicine? What is the appeal? Do healing crystals really work or is it all just a myth?

Image Credit: https://anglicansablaze.blogspot.com/2017/04/why-are-young-people-so-into-healing.html

So, to break it down a bit, healing crystals actually originated as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians often used different coloured pieces of quartz in their jewellery as they used the stones mainly for protection and health as well as crushing some of them to wear them as eye shadow. Green stones were also often used to symbolise the heart of the dead and was used in burials.

Likewise, many of the names we now have for crystals are of Greek origin and the Ancient Greeks attributed many properties to crystals. The word ‘crystal’ comes from the Greek word for ice as they believed that clear quartz was water that had frozen so hard it would always remain solid. The word ‘amethyst’ which translates as ‘not drunken’ and was worn as an amulet to prevent hangovers and drunkeness. Hematite comes from the Greek word meaning blood. Hematite is an ore for iron and the Greek’s associated iron with Ares, the god of war. Because of this belief, Greek soldiers would often rub hematite over their bodies before battle and sailors were also believed to have worn a variety of amulets to keep them safe at sea.

We fast forward to the present time and crystals are still believed to have the healing properties that the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians believed them to have. For some, it is for comfort. They feel better knowing they have the crystals near them. I know many people who carry crystals in their pockets to bring them luck for exams and even job interviews. People really are dependent on them even now.

Curious on the subject, I researched it and found that crystals have a religious history and are mentioned throughout many religious books including the Bible and the Quran. For example, in Hindu mythology there is a story of a wish-fulfilling tree known as Kalpavriksha. The tree was said to have roots of gold, diamond fruit and gemstone buds. A version of the tree also exists in Jainism and Buddhism. The mention of crystal and gemstones in the texts is a big indication of it’s history and is part of the reason why they are so popular today.

Anybody who is religious will be aware of the religious significance that crystals have but as well as that, people collect gemstones as a hobby. Although crystals are no longer used medicinally, they still have a lot of meaning. Mineral collecting is an avid hobby for many including myself. Collecting precious stones, knowing what they are and what properties they are believed to have can bring enjoyment to many. For others, stones are collected purely for their aesthetic. Many stones are beautiful and vibrant and are often collected for their value and their striking appearance.

I have collected precious stones and crystals ever since I was younger, making sure to buy one every time I went on holiday. I had never really questioned their true meanings and history until researching the topic and although the medicinal purposes of crystals may be fake, I can understand why they bring comfort to people. In the same way that some people may carry a lucky coin or a photograph of a family member, some people prefer to carry a piece of rose quartz. It makes them feel relaxed and maybe even lucky, either way, carrying a stone benefits them and their mindset in a positive way.

In conclusion, the medicinal properties of healing crystals, I believe, are false. It is just a superstition that has been carried through generations with people choosing whether or not to believe it. However, the benefits of healing crystals can be true. People take pleasure from collecting them and by believing that the meaning of crystals really works, it gives them a positive attitude. So really, there’s no harm in believing precious stones over science if it makes a person feel better.

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