Victory for Vinyls

In modern times, we love all things vintage and all things vintage is making a big comeback. From bomber jackets to polaroid cameras, vinyls are just the latest in a long line of things that are coming back into fashion.

Having recently received a turntable and my first vinyl as a gift, I became part of the new trend. So just why are vinyls becoming so popular again?

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Vinyls have seen a huge boost in sales as part of their comeback and they’re now extremely popular with the younger generation. However, the past generations are now able to dust off their old vinyls and enjoy them again. The excitement of unwrapping a new vinyl and playing it for the first time has never truly left their side, it gives them a sense of nostalgia and brings back happy memories of the good ol’ days.

People love to collect things, everyone has something that they love to collect. For some it is comic books or model toy cars, for others it is coins or stamps and for other people it is vinyls. Hundreds of cardboard boxes of untouched vinyls or hidden gems. As they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure. For some, a single vinyl is a key part of an impressive collection that may someday be sold or just be kept for sheer enjoyment. Either way, buying a vinyl to add to your collection is as good a reason as any to buy more.

It has to be said that one thing that should be credited for the comeback of vinyls is the artists of today. Artists who have chosen to release their music on vinyl as well as online platforms has given people more access to their music. But more importantly, it has given people an incentive to buy vinyls, a reason to own a turntable.

Vinyls are about as vintage as you can get. Some people just prefer the rustic, crackly sound that music makes on vinyl as appose to any other music platform. The sound that turntables produce cannot be found on any other music platform which makes it unique. The sound quality is different to anything else that is available and there’s no other way to get it. Nowadays, we love everything old, retro and original and vinyl fits that category perfectly.

For me, vinyls introduced me to a whole new genre of music. Artists I had never even heard of who may have been popular decades ago, have been introduced to me thanks to both of my parents vast collection of vinyls. It has made me appreciate both the old and the new and shown me a whole bunch of bands, solo artists and one-hit wonders to enjoy.

Maybe you can think of another reason why vinyls have become popular again. Maybe people have just realised that dropping the needle and hearing the crackle on a turntable is far better than pressing play on a stereo. Or maybe people just think vinyls are cool again. Whatever the reason for this trend is, I’m very glad it happened.

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