High Street Sadness

All around the UK right now, we are seeing a slow decline in our local High Streets. The rise of online shopping is beginning to take over because it is so convenient.

We’ve all been in situations where we have forgotten a birthday or an anniversary and the only friend who can help, is the one and only; Amazon. Amazon gets us whatever we want by the next day so really, why wouldn’t you shop online? I can really see the benefits.

It is quicker, easier and far less effort but where does that leave our faithful High Streets and what does it mean for us?

Image Credit: www.thedrum.com/news/2015/07/01/google-takes-challenge-digitising-high-street-its-own-hands

Well for us it means we’re lazy. We live in the age of technology where going on a laptop and ordering products is a lot more appealing than getting your shoes on and travelling to the shops. We would much rather pay for someone else to deliver what we need than get it ourselves.

It saves us time and it saves us effort. Yet it is the High Street that suffers from our laziness. With shops closing down on a regular basis on various High Streets across the country, will the High Street really be missed?

I know I’ll miss it.

There’s something really lovely about going to the High Street for presents at Christmas time. Finding gift for friends and family, yes it can be stressful but it also comes with the excitement leading up to the festive period. Nothing can beat the festive stress that comes with Christmas shopping.

The High Street was often a popular opportunity to meet up with friends or family for some much needed retail therapy. We’ve all needed retail therapy at some point in our lives and we all know it was well worth every penny.

For many people, the High Street was the setting for their first job. It gave people valuable skills in retail that some have carried through life as well as making great friends and even better memories. The classic ‘I remember my first job’ phrase that parent often use springs to mind. How many jobs will be lost if the High Street truly does die out?

I think it’s fair to say this would be a disaster for the unemployment rates.

The High Street also allowed many to pursue their ambitions of running their own business or opening their own shop. How many small independent businesses will suffer for the loss of the High Street?

In my opinion, yes the High Street can be an inconvenience and yes it’s not as easy as ordering online but honestly, where would we be without it? The High Street would be a massive loss to us and it’d be a shame if we lost it to technology.

And just think, if the High Street goes, no more retail therapy ladies.

2 thoughts on “High Street Sadness

  1. Totally agree.. I also would miss going shopping and trying clothes and shoes on.. that was always fun with friends and family.. we always make a day of it..

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