Jo Brand is cancelled

In the news recently, British comedian Jo Brand has been heavily criticised for joking that people should throw battery acid rather than milkshakes over politicians.

The radio show ‘Heresy’ in which Brand appeared on, is known for its controversial and provocative humour. I respect that the circumstances in which the joke was made, is supposed to test boundaries. However this does not excuse an offensive comment.

Brand has since refused to apologise for the comment and this has been met with criticism which I completely agree with.

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In my opinion, her comments are an incite for violence and are an insult to the people who have been victims of acid attacks.

Acid attacks leave lifelong physical and emotional damage to the victims and no matter what your political stance is, whether you’re left or right wing, this damage should not be wished on anyone under any circumstances.

As a woman who is in the public eye on a regular basis, Brand should have known better.

The fact that the comment was made as a way to bring humour is sickening and to me, the very idea of acid being thrown over people, is not a joke no matter who the victim is. Acid attacks should not in any way, be joked about in the name of ‘comedy’.

Frankly, I find her comments and her behaviour since the incident, disgusting.

There should be consequences to people who make such comments as a mark of respect to people who suffer the results of acid attacks everyday. I’m sure they did not find Jo Brand’s comment very funny.

Failing to acknowledge how her comments could be misinterpreted and therefore refusing to apologise reflects badly on her. A simple apology to acknowledge a mistake would put the whole situation to bed but instead the scandal continues.

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