America, what are you doing?

As a woman, I cannot help but have an opinion on the recent outrage caused by one of the most controversial and sensitive topics to exist in the world right now.

The announcement that the state of Alabama has signed into law, a near total ban on abortion even in cases of rape and incest, has caused a public outcry. Four other states have passed the bill that has become known as the ‘heartbeat bill’. According to CNN, eleven other states have proposed bills to ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat has been detected.

The heartbeat bill means it is illegal for women to have an abortion once the fetus reaches six weeks old, when many women don’t know that they are pregnant.

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I am well aware that although these laws do not affect me, they will affect many girls and women across America and criminalise them for something they should be entitled to. These dehumanising laws mean that many women no longer have rights or control over their bodies. This is a scary fact considering we are living in 2019 and in a society that promotes equality.

Doctors who perform abortions could face long prison sentences, victims of sexual violence would be forced to keep the children of their attackers or face prison sentences of up to 99 years for having an abortion. Where is the justice for women? Where is the equality that this society has worked so hard to build?

Abortion is a choice that every woman in the world should be entitled too, it is their bodies and they deserve the rights to it. Why should a woman who has an abortion be prosecuted and given similar sentences to rapists and murderers?

I respect the fact that a fetus is innocent and does not choose to be created, but victims of abuse do not choose to be violated. The women and young girls who fall pregnant as a result of rape are innocent too.

I am completely baffled as to why this issue is even a question. Healthcare is a constitutional and basic human right and abortion is healthcare. The government do not get a say in what happens to women’s bodies.

I understand that not everybody shares my opinion. There are people who are pro-life and who campaign for fewer abortions but disagree with the current laws. These people support increased access to contraception to women of low-income, support for women who wish to keep their babies but can’t afford to and mandatory maternity and paternity leave for mothers and fathers.

If you are pro-life and share these views I applaud you for defying the backwards views of the people who have passed these laws. I respect you for respecting women’s choices even if you don’t agree with it and offering alternative options. Thank you for trying to understand. I’m sorry that you are associated with the people campaigning to control women’s bodies and ban something they have the right too.

And to all those women and young girls who will be affected by this and protest against it, you deserve better. I am sorry for the way your state is treating you and I’m sorry your country is failing you.

2 thoughts on “America, what are you doing?

  1. Totally agree. I’m just glad that these laws won’t affect me… I think their politics is in as much trouble as the UK …

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