The Avengers: Endgame

Don’t worry this post does not contain spoilers. For anyone wondering whether this movie is the perfect finale or an anticlimax, honestly it is a mixture of both.

Having grown up watching the likes of Iron Man and Captain America miraculously save the world it’s safe to say I was excited for the much anticipated finale. The film had been so highly marketed that you couldn’t leave the house without seeing some kind of Endgame promotion.


After watching the film I was satisfied that the franchise had ended in the best possible way, all the plots and subplots concluded well and the film maintained it’s “expect the unexpected” theme. The film was non-stop drama, it most definitely did not feel three hours long. I could not take my eyes off the screen. The film was action packed, at times it was emotional, sometimes funny and overall a good ending to the Avengers story.

However, I was disappointed in certain parts. I felt that some characters did not get enough screen time as the film seemed to focus on certain characters and their inner demons. Characters who have previously been essential in other Avengers movies seemed to be sidelined in favour of others. I understand this may have been deliberate in order for Marvel to set the tone for future character stand alone films but it was still slightly disappointing.

Another thing which left me feeling disappointed was the scientific scenes and terminology. I don’t claim to be a die-hard Marvel fan, I’m just somebody who enjoys the films with not much knowledge on the Marvel comics and no perception of how accurate the films are to the comics. However, I did struggle to understand the scenes involving science and scientific language, which made the film hard for me to follow in certain parts.

I found myself asking people to explain it to me so that I could understand. Again, I understand that this does not apply to everyone it is just a personal opinion. My struggle to follow the scenes meant I failed to understand key moments of the film which hindered my experience when watching it. Maybe watching it again will strengthen my understanding.

Despite my small complaints, Endgame left me smiling in my seat. It tied up all the lose ends of Infinity War and gave fans the ending they deserved. After watching the ending, everyone in the cinema applauded the film. Endgame serves as a worthy conclusion to the Avengers story but to me, it wasn’t perfect.

And to all the people out there who have been posting spoilers on social media or reading the reviews containing spoilers, you’re only ruining it for yourself. You’re missing out on all the joy, emotion and satisfaction that comes with watching Endgame for the first time. Do yourself a favour and #DontSpoilTheEndgame.

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