Endangered World

Recently, global brand Lacoste have changed their iconic crocodile logo to that of 10 different endangered animals including the Sumatran tiger and the Burmese roofed turtle.

The French brand launched the ‘Save Our Species’ campaign during Paris Fashion week with the new logos temporarily printed on their polo shirts. To strengthen their campaign and raise awareness, the number of polo shirts produced with each different logo corresponds to the number of individual animals that still exist in the wild. In total 1,775 polo shirts were made.

The harsh reality is that this number should be much higher.

Image Credit: https://winners.webbyawards.com/2019/advertising-media-pr/pr/best-cause-related-campaign-pr/83675/save-our-species

The animals featured on the Lacoste polo shirts are only a handful of endangered animals in the world and at the moment, we are not helping this danger.

Why are we not doing more? Why are we not trying to save these animals instead of killing them? The effects of climate change, global warming and the potential extinction of our animals is happening now.

When I’m much older, I want to be able to show my future children and grandchildren all the amazing animals in our world and all the beautiful places they come from. But now the way things are going, it appears I will never get that chance.

Instead I’ll have to show them pictures of animals that used to be around and I’ll have to explain to them why those animals don’t exist anymore. That’s a very sad thought don’t you think?

If David Attenborough’s multiple TV shows on endangered species has taught us anything, it’s that its not yet too late. Future generations will miss out on so much if something doesn’t change and the only people we’ll have to blame is ourselves.

And that’s an even worse thought, knowing we could’ve done something but instead we chose not too.

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