80’s Anthems

The one thing that seems to be increasingly popular among younger generations, the thing that a lot of young people have in common; 80’s music.

Yes that’s right, the likes of ABBA, Wham! and Duran Duran always seem to play in every pub and nightclub in the UK and we absolutely love it. Our idea of fun is suddenly singing Africa by Toto at the top of our lungs and meaning every word.

From 80’s disco, to old school 80’S EDM we love it all.

Image Credit: https://vocal.media/beat/why-80-s-music-is-the-best

But why the sudden love of 60’s- 80’s anthems?

The truth is it takes us back. It’s the music that our parents bought us up on, the music our mothers used to do the cleaning too. We were taught all the cheesy dance routines, all the raps and know the entire lyrics to songs we don’t remember learning.

80’s music makes casual listening, we can listen to it without fully concentrating on it. Most of them are familiar to us, so they bring back happy memories of our childhood or memories of dancing until the early mornings with our friends.

These songs still get played at family BBQ’s or maybe a relative’s birthday party, there is nothing better than a mutual love of 80’s music within families. Everyone can have a dance to Come On Eileen as a form of family bonding.

No matter how much we try and say we don’t like it, 80’s music keeps popping up in our lives and before we know it, Take on Me comes on and you know you’ll be trying your very best to hit that high note.

80’s music also gave us people to look up to. Girls had the likes of the Spice Girls or Bananarama enforcing girl power and Whitney Houston or Bonnie Tyler for when we needed a little cry. Boys had the likes of David Bowie or Michael Jackson teaching them that it’s good to stand out, and they always had Bryan Adams or Bon Jovi for when they were feeling something a little bit more edgy.

We grew up with this music and it has stayed with us. It’s the music we all know and love. With all things vintage and old coming back into fashion, is it really that much of a surprise that 80’s music has suddenly become popular again?

So the next time you hear an 80’s song and you’re with your friends or maybe at a family gathering, enjoy it. 80’s music is and always will be a crowd- pleaser and many of the songs will forever remain classics. And in the very words of Annie Lennox, who am I to disagree?

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