No make-up Made it

As a student, I love going out. I like having a drink and having a dance. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of walking home at 6am with your mates whilst the sun rises. As a girl I love make-up. I love painting my face and making an effort with my appearance. Putting make-up on is a key part of my getting ready for a night out routine.

So what happens when I’m stripped of my make-up and go on a night out without it?

First things first, I wear make- up for myself and to make myself feel good and feel confident. I do not wear it to impress anyone else or feel pressured to wear make-up. I don’t judge any girls who prefer not to wear it, if anything I have respect for you. Me wearing make- up is my own personal choice.

With that said, going to a nightclub without make-up is some girls worst nightmare, mine included. But I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself and not wearing make- up actually made my night.

At first I felt very naked and vulnerable as I had nothing to hide my true face. But after an awkward encounter with a bouncer who questioned my ID against my fresh-out-the-womb babyface, I began to relax. As the night went on I realised nobody actually cares what you look like. Clubs are dark and everyone is around you is too drunk to notice anyway.

I felt empowered and I started to notice things around me that I wouldn’t normally spot. Wearing no make-up made me realise how bad some girls do their make-up and how much time and effort they must have put into getting ready. I wanted these girls to feel as free as I felt with my natural face.

I began behaving the way I normally would on a night out. I was having a good time with my friends and dancing to all my favourite songs and embracing this amazing confidence boost I suddenly had. Yes this may be partially to do with alcohol but lets not ruin the vibe here.

One thing which really stuck out for me was the respect I received from men for going au naturel. Most girls know this experience all too well, you’re in the club with your friends and sometimes guys give you unwanted attention and won’t get the message. If this situation isn’t familiar to you then you’re one very lucky person.

Although men did notice the obvious lack of make-up, they praised me for my bravery and respected the fact that I chose not to wear any make-up. The lack of harassment from guys on the night out was so refreshing, I felt completely at ease and danced the night away without a care in the world.

The best part by far, was being able to go home, get changed into my PJ’s and jump straight into bed without having to spend twenty minutes taking off my make-up off.

I woke up with an amazing confidence boost, I felt like a new woman and I no longer felt the need to put make- up on everyday. Even though I put make- up on to feel good, I’ve realised I can feel just as good without it.

If you’re sat at home wondering how on earth I had the confidence to do this, believe me I didn’t. I started the night as an insecure person whose only worry was not getting into the club in case they thought I was underage. But I left that nightclub feeling more confident than I’ve ever felt before. If you feel like a little boost in your self-esteem, give this a try because I can say it worked wonders on me. I embraced my face, maybe you should too.

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