Blue Monday Blues

So I read earlier that yesterday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. But what is the truth about Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is the term used for the third Monday in January when everyone is down, broke after the festive holidays and cold. Despite this, there is no scientific evidence to support the phenomena known as Blue Monday.

It is a concept created by psychologist Cliff Arnall who said he calculated the date using an equation. The equation takes the weather into account and only includes the Northern Hemisphere. It became popular as companies used it to brand their products and became a trend on social media for people who posted on the date.

For some, Blue Monday may be a depressing day but this is just bad luck and nothing to do with the superstition. I would go as far as to say that Blue Monday is just a sheer publicity stunt for companies to promote themselves.

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Arnall himself has said that he created the formula after Sky Travel had asked him too, the company then used the phrase to boost their winter holiday deals.

The entire notion of Blue Monday has been dismissed by scientists as ‘nonsensical’ so I think it is wrong for companies to make money off the assumptions that people are down on their luck at this time of year.

Not many people like January, its a dark, cold, damp month and after spending the whole of December celebrating Christmas and eating as much as we can whenever we want too, its only natural that January brings the mood down. People go back to work or back to school, everyone is dealing with the financial aftermath of Christmas or detoxing their bodies of food and alcohol. Of course people are going to be a bit down. We miss that feeling of happiness and good fortune that the end of the year brings.

That doesn’t make Blue Monday real, and it isn’t an excuse for companies to make money off of people’s bad moods. January is just the month of settling down back into reality, for some, January is a fresh start, a chance to start over.

So lets start trending fresh starts, clean slates and positivity instead of assuming that the world is down in the dumps.

Laura Williams.

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